Thursday, October 22, 2009

Medela Swing Breastpump

Item - Breast Pump
Status -Used for about 3-4 months before buying PISA
Condition - 9/10
Brand - Medela (Swing)
Price - email for price
Warranty - Expired

Item is already under serious interested party but I'll inform if she cancels.
Item comes with free MLO cooler bag + 3 ice packs + 6 MLO ebm bottles. These items were used about 2-3 months before I purchased PISA.

I must note here that I've been ding-dong-ing in selling this because I was (and still am) very emotionally attached to this pump (like that also got meh!). But now I need to raise fund for my intended bling-bling so the selling starts...

More details on Medela Swing, pse refer here.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby Bouncer - TAKEN

Item - Baby Bouncer

Status - Used (By Just 1 Baby)
Condition - 9.8/10
Brand - Sweet Cherry
Color - Blue/Green + Yellow
Price - RM70.00

Note - Bulky Item, Self-Pick-Up only

Remark -
Used for less than 10 times while in confinement period.
It comes with cute Looney Tunes cartoon print and a toy bar with dangling geomatrical shapes.
Cover is washable.

Baby Bath Tub

Item - Baby Bath Tub With Seat
Status - Used (By Just 1 Baby)
Condition - 9.5/10
Brand - Sweet Cherry
Color - Beige + Blue
Price - RM30.00

Note - Bulky Item, Self-Pick-Up only

Remark -
Used daily for 2 months while in confinement period.
Used for another 2 months on just weekends.

The marks tu just sawang, bukan defect.